Think New

Volkswagen UK

Tribal London

Design Director


The Volkswagen 'Think New' campaign is all about human-focused innovation, and technology that improves the driving experience. 

This carefully constructed campaign page powerfully underlines the progressive strength of the VW brand. Providing intriguing insights into the future through the 'Think New Stories', celebrating the innovative control technologies of tomorrow.

My role in this project was as Associate Design Director / Lead Designer.


The campaign page is divided up into sections, each section hosting specific technical information and content.

Iconography is used to draw emphasis on each incredible feature, and signpost explanatory content.

The navigation framework used 'snap scroll' to allow users to swipe up or down the page whilst triggering bright, and bold background videos.


Design and development teams worked closely to align accurately in the aesthetics, and importantly, ensure that transitions and animation were both smooth and consistent.

To help with the development handover, we created a 'Think New' style guide. This included a detailed breakdown of the design principles and visual language.


We designed mobile and desktop in parallel to ensure an optimum experience across both devices.  

Understanding the different experiences expected by our audience on mobile, background videos were removed and replaced with static graphics, ensuring the mobile experience was both light and fast, as desired.